How To Turn On Asus Laptop Without Power Button

How To Turn On Asus Laptop Without Power Button

Are you looking for How To Turn On Asus Laptop Without Power Button? Read on to know more.

If you are someone looking for an alternative method to turn on your Asus Laptop without a power button because your power button is not working or for any other reason. Then my friend you are at the right place because here in this article how can you turn on your Asus Laptop without even using your power button and not just this but also we will be talking about a lot of other useful information regarding your laptop which you should know about.

So, just keep reading this article till the end, and then you will have a piece of very good knowledge about your Asus Laptop. So, just without making any more delays, let’s get into the topic and see how you can turn on the Asus Laptop without using the Power Button.

As this article is focused on turning on the Asus Laptop without the power button, you need to pay your full attention to each point of this article to know and understand the various ways in which one can easily turn on his or her Asus laptop without facing any problem.

So, make sure that you stick with us till the end of this article to understand all kinds of ways of opening the Asus laptop without the power button. Below are some of the various ways which one can opt according to his or her need to open his or her Asus laptop without the power button.

How To Turn On Asus Laptop Without Power Button

Power Button

Well, Incase you don’t know how to use the power button of your laptop then, you will need to open it up.

By doing this you will be able to get to your laptop’s power button like this.

Basically, to turn on your Asus Laptop you will need to turn on the switch button.

  • All you need to do is to get to the motherboard and for that, you have to disassemble your Asus Laptop first.
  • Well is this all about the matter of fact that you need to understand- so, basically any connection requires a meeting of two ends and this is the same case when it comes to the power button of any laptop? The connection of one end is towards the power source and the other end is the battery, the connection gets immediately completed whenever the circuit gets completed, and microchips get pressed in tandem. Take an example of your home theatre system, you just need the two power connections which complete the circuit. 
  • Right after the completion of the circuit, your Asus laptop will be ready to go. But if you are just not comfortable with that (disabling your laptop) then you can always look for other ways to give power to your laptop, which you can find easily.
  • Certainly, there are some possible ways as well by using which you can start your laptop if your laptop comes without a power button.

Can you turn on your laptop by opening the lid?|How To Turn On Asus Laptop Without Power Button|

There are some laptops in which it allows you to change your laptop’s settings to force this system. By doing certain changes on your setting on your laptop and it opens when you open the lid of your laptop. However, this can be feasible sometimes.

This function will allow you to open your laptop without even using your power button, and in the case when your power button is broken or not working.

Fix your power button | How To Turn On Asus Laptop Without Power Button |

This might be a suggestion which you would not want to listen to, but anyways as we have to repair your laptop then you have to listen anyways. Fixing your power button can cost somewhere around 200 dollars and then in the middle of anywhere depends on what has to be fixed in your laptop exactly.

In the cases of the clips which hold the button would be easy to repair, there is the possibility that the buttons are not working properly because of their sloppiness or something. This can slightly require some more money in the cases when the parts of the power button are worn down or missing. Because all of them have to be rebuilt. This will totally depend on your laptop. In case you have a gaming laptop then it would be better than the MacBook, which is made to be dismantled.

How to turn on your laptop with keyboards? | How To Turn On Asus Laptop Without Power Button |


This is all about how lucky you are. Only in the cases where your laptop has already been set up with the external keyboard. Then this can be the answer to all your problems of turning on your Asus Laptop whenever the power button stops working properly.

As most external keyboards already have the power button in them, the most important thing is to switch it off just to avoid any kind of disturbance or unwanted interruptions at the time when you are not using it. So, whenever you connect your laptop with the external keyboard to the Bluetooth jack, that time you may be able to use this one. 

The USB device which you have plugged in solely depends on the keyboard and the laptop. Like- you can never use a Macbook keyboard to type like this. 

Now, depending on the Asus laptop, whichever model you are using, you have to access the setting of your keyboard by accessing the setting for the windows. But if you have an external keyboard at that time you can try it immediately.

How does the Power Button exactly work?

All that is needed to be kept in mind is that every power button works differently on different laptops models and types. But here in our case, we have to consider the Asus laptops. So, basically, it turns out that Asus laptops can be actually very handy without the power button. 

The idea behind the power button is that when you connect the two ends and complete the circuit you turn the power button on.


  • How can we turn on our laptop without using the power button?

Here we are mentioning some methods by which you can turn on your laptop without using the power button.

  • A first and very easy method is that you can use the external keyboard which is very convenient and easy to use.
  • As you have come to look for the second method this seems like you haven’t configured for the external keyboard. Then you might have already set up for one or more of these already.
  • Just remember one this that it is very important to turn your laptop on while opening the lid.
  • Give your laptop power.
  • How can I switch towards the external keyboard on my Asus laptop?
  • For this, you can simply use the BIOS system settings screen. This machine named BIOS had been a system in such a way that it has a set up with a special key to turn on your system.
  • Just look for a  perfect place. Which you may find under “Power Management”.
  • To check whether the task is working or not, just unplug your laptop and then test if your setting is working or not?
  • How can I switch on my laptop using the keyboard?

Simply just do one thing, just take out the battery of your laptop (although, it is not possible in all the systems). Just press the power button for a while and hold it there for a few seconds this will force your laptop to start the process of Restart. You can do this on a laptop that has removable batteries. So, if you have then followed the below-mentioned steps-:

  • Reinstall the battery if you find it necessary.
  • Then add the AC adapter.
  • And finally, restart your laptop.
  • How can we switch on our Asus Laptop?

Make sure that the back power switch is on and also the power supply, locate it, and then check for its positioning. First, use the power button available on the monitor to activate it. Then after this should be turned on at the time you are pressing the power button and that’s it.


In this article, we have mentioned multiple ways by which you can easily turn on your ASUS laptop without facing any trouble even when your power button is not working or broken. Because nothing should really stop from doing that. Also, not just the ways but we have also mentioned the other important facts about your laptop which you should be known about. 

Here in this article we have also mentioned some of the most frequently asked questions about this topic: how can you turn on your Asus laptop without using the power button.  

So, now we just hope that this article has been a real help for you all and now, you are finally able to turn on your laptop windows without using the power button and whatsoever is the issue with your laptop which you are facing right now after reading this article.

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